Charlie Surbey is an award winning multi-disciplined photographer who is constantly experimenting with new styles and developing new techniques, both in camera and in post-production. Having graduated from Salisbury University in 1998 with a first-class degree in Photography, the past 20 years have seen Surbey work with advertising agencies and editorial publications, shooting around the world. Surbey has always had a love of fine art photography which he works on in his spare time and this is one of many projects he has worked on to raise awareness for a charitable cause. His extensive client list includes Bentley, Selfridges, Nike, Mercedes, Honda, Microsoft, GQ, Wired, Rolling Stone, The Sunday Times and more.

Founded by Boutique Artists, Another Boutique is a new wave online exhibition space. Our artists share a mission; to raise awareness of certain issues, and to help facilitate change through their work. At Another Boutique we support a variety of charities through the sale of our artist's prints and books. The chosen charity will depend on the particular issue for which the current artistic project is raising awareness. 

We choose our charities based on their ethics, transparency, use of funds and the impact they have.

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